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Customers Are The Life Blood Of Every Business

Lead Generation

Building a Customer List is the foundation for both online and offline marketing.

It’s important to attract new customers while retaining and re-engaging your existing customers.

Lead Magnets are used to caputure the attention of your ideal customers.  These are normally something that you can give away for free but have a high perceived value such as…

  • An eBook or Report
  • A Video
  • A Gift Voucher or Coupon
  • An Exclusive Invite to an Event

We can create Lead Magnets (Products) for your Business to target your Ideal Customers and collect their contact details for continued engagement and marketing of your specials and new products.

An Example of Lead Generation To Boost Sales

For this example imagine that your’re the owner of a Local Ford Dealership…

First We Create The Lead Magnet

We could create an eBook filled with pictures and spec details about the new Ford Mustang being released in 2015. This is something everyone that’s interested in the new Ford Mustang would like to get a copy of, especially if it’s Free.

Next we setup a Lead Page

A lead Page is a special website page that collects customers contact information and then stores it into a database so that we can keep in contact with them as the release date approaches.

The Lead Page has an Offer on it and in this example the customer has to give us their Name and eMail address before they can download the 2015 Ford Mustang eBook.

We Automate The Process Of Keeping In Touch

A good Lead Magnet can generate 1000’s of leads and no business has time to contact them all individually so we automate the process by creating a series of emails that are automatically sent out to each customer over time. Every email is personalised with their name so they think it’s being sent specifically to them. This makes them feel special and greatly increases the chances of the emails being read.

Now We Find The Serious Customers

After a couple of emails have been sent we send out a special email that will thin out the tire kickers and highlight the customers that are serious about the new Ford Mustang arriving in Australia.

This email will send them to another Lead Page that asks for more contact information and contains a Tripwire (something to weed out the non serious people). The Tripwire requires them to make a small purchase, those that buy it are serious and those that don’t would probably never buy a Mustang from you.

What Is A Good Tripwire?

A good Tripwire is an Offer that serious people will love and time wasters will ignore. For the Ford Dealership the Tripwire could be a Mini Mustang Package that includes a Mustang Poster and an Official Limited Edition Mustang Keyring for $19.95

A customer that Buys this Package is more likely to want the Car to go with the Key Ring. Also because it is a physical product you can collect their mailing address details to keep in your Customer Database.

You don’t need to make any profit off the Tripwire Product. Ideally it should break even while helping you find the Serious Buyers in your list. The customers that make this small purchase will have their contact info added to a new list (a Buyers List) that you can continue to promote to as the launch gets closer.

Meet Your Customers

The final step is Meeting Your Customers.  Before the 2015 Mustangs arrive contact all of the people on your Buyers List and invite them to a Special Preview at your Ford Dealership. Make sure they contact you to RSVP before the Big Night so you know how many people are coming. Put on some food and drinks and make sure your sales staff are ready to collect orders on the night.

You can even throw in some incentives to draw a bigger crowd. you could offer mystery door prizes of Mustang Merchadise (t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc) and a Main Prize of getting the keys to a New 2015 Mustang for a Whole Weekend.

Always Follow Up 

Not everyone will purchase a new car on the night but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to.  Follow up phonecalls to the people on your Buyers List, even the ones that didn’t turn up at your event or even RSVP could still be interested and persuaded with financing options or free extras.

Also follow up with the people from your original list to let them know that you have the new 2015 Mustang in stock. A simple email to a couple of thousand people can easily generate extra sales of the Mustang or other cars in the Ford range.



Can You See The Potential?

Chances are that you don’t own a Ford Dealership but can you see how this Lead Generation/Sales Funnel could be applied to your Business?

The important first step is knowing how to attract people that want your products, that’s where we can help you. Contact us to discuss ideas for your Business by clicking Here